2018 Campus France PRESTIGE Postdoctoral Research International Fellowships, France

Applications are welcomed for PRESTIGE Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in France for the year which is open throughout the year for candidates worldwide. The program is open to any clinical field and research subject, as far as in compliance with EU principles policy and guidelines.

PRESTIGE focuses on promoting the international movement of post-doc scientists.

Three movement plans are offered:

  • Incoming, permitting foreign or French scientists adhering to the Marie Curie Actions movement guidelines to perform their post-doctoral research operate in France;-LRB- *****).

  • Outgoing, for scientists currently operating in French research organizations and universities (French people or other citizenships) wanting to perform a post-doctoral research task in another nation

  • Re- combination, targeted at nationals of the EU Member States or Associated Countries operating in research for a minimum of 3 years in another Third Country to come to France to additional establish their profession.

CourseLevel: Fellowships are offered to pursue postdoctoral program.

StudySubject: PRESTIGE is open to all clinical fields supplied that each proposed research task remains in compliance with the EU principles guidelines. Co- funding partners may, nevertheless, restrict the qualified clinical fields, inning accordance with their own focused on thematic locations.

ScholarshipAward: PRESTIGE is a co-financing program, moneying about 1/3 of the post-doc fellow’s living, movement and research allowance, whiles the staying 2/3 are funded by another partner, either public or personal. PRESTIGE must assist to enhance and expand different existing movement efforts, hence making both France and the European Research Area (ERA) more appealing to scientists.

MinimumFinancial Conditions for Prestige Fellows

Re- combination
Living allowance.
37000 EUR/year.
12000 EUR/year.
40000 EUR/year.
Research expenses.
2000 EUR/year.
4720 EUR/year.
Mobility expenses.
2000 EUR/year.
10000 EUR/year.
2800 EUR/year.
Tota l.
41000 EUR/year
22000 EUR/year *
47520 EUR/year

* The living allowance for Outgoing movement is meant as quantity paid in addition to the routine income, as this plan is for scientists who are currently staff members of French organizations

EU co-funding:

Researchers will be partially funded through PRESTIGE by a EU grant (approximately 1/3 of the income) paid by Campus France to the host or sending out organizations which dedicate themselves to fund the staying quantity. Please note that the real grant quantity will be prorated depending upon the period of the movement.

Number of Scholarships: NotKnown

Scholarship can be taken in the France

Eligibility: The following requirements should be fulfilled in order for candidates to be qualified for fellowship:

  • The candidate should remain in ownership of a postgraduate degree or having at least 4 years of research experience (full-time equivalent).Ph D. trainees can use supplied that they will remain in ownership of their postgraduate degree by the start of the post-doc movement.

  • The candidate should adhere to the Marie Curie Actions movement guidelines (not have lived or performed his/her primary activity– work, research studies, and so on– in the nation of his/her host company for more than 12 months in the 3 years instantly prior to the application due date)

  • The hosting/sending research organization should remain in France

  • There is no age limitation and no citizenship requirement (although for the Re- combination movement some constraints use)

  • The candidate ought to not currently benefit grant from another EU grant

  • The candidate should supply a recommendation letter from the host organization

  • The candidate should supply a dedication letter from the hosting/sending organization on the co-financing of his/her research movement

  • The online application should be finished and sent out by the pertinent cut-off date

  • If chosen for financing, the scientist needs to be paid from the hosting/sending organization a minimum of the PRESTIGE minimum living, movement and research allowance

Researchers needs to be Experienced Researchers (inning accordance with the terms of Marie Curie Actions) in ownership of a postgraduate degree (or be granted such a degree by the beginning date of their movement) or a comparable research experience of 4 years and they might use after a profession break. Their propositions should satisfy all the below-mentioned eligibility requirements if they are to be kept for examination. These requirements will be carefully used. A proposition can be stated disqualified, at any time, if it ends up being clear that it does not satisfy the requirements.

  • Proposals needs to be gotten prior to the due date for a particular cut-off date;-LRB- *****).

  • All fields of interest to the European Union are qualified for financing, other than locations of research covered by the EURATOM Treaty;-LRB- *****).

  • ForIncoming movement: skilled scientists (irreversible scientists along with post-docs) from any nation of the world. The movement guideline of individual program uses. At the time of the submission of propositions’ due date, prospects should not have lived or performed their primary activity (work, research studies, and so on) in the nation of their host company for more than twelve months in the 3 years instantly prior to the due date;-LRB- *****).

  • ForOutgoing movement: fellowships for scientists operating in French research organizations and universities (French people or other citizenships). The other citizenships might stem from any nation within Europe or from outdoors Europe;-LRB- *****).

  • For the Re- combination plan: Member State or Associated Country nationals having actually performed research in another Third Country for a minimum of 3 years, to develop them in a longer-term profession in France after this global movement duration;-LRB- *****).

  • Proposals needs to be total and ready in cooperation with a host organization. A recommendation letter of the host company, having actually inspected the significance of the proposition in regards to top priorities (financial, local, nationwide), should be signed up with to the proposition.

Research subjects are to be formerly specified after a conversation in between the host research unit/laboratory and the candidate. In the fellowship plan, the option of research subjects and location is totally free however might depend upon local top priorities and on host companies’ abilities to guarantee proper conditions of research.

A previous statement signed by both the candidate and the host research unit/laboratory will need to be signed up with to the application stating that research works to be carried out will remain in line with the ethical guidelines of the FP7 program.

Nationality: PRESTIGE fellowships are open to candidates from any nation.


How to Apply: The mode of application is online.


ApplicationDeadline: The PRESTIGE Call for applications is open all year long with 4 cut-off dates:

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